Full time everything.

How are you supposed to be a full time spouse – a full time parent – a full time career doer – or a full time (fill in the blank for whatever else!) …
You just try. & then you repeat to yourself: “You are not a perfect human. And there is no one else around you that is either.”
Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? And hello – I’m obviously talking to myself here, and if this applies to you, welcome to the unofficial club of those wanting to do everything, be everywhere and be the absolute best at it.
It’s crazy. I read something the other day (forgive me – cannot remember the source #mombrain) – but essentially it was saying, when is the glamour of the #bosslady or that whole #imbusyandthriving thing going to quit? As women why do we think that’s what we’ve been called into? The idea of superwoman?! I mean come on. I have TOTALLY fallen into that habit and there are days where my pride gets so crazy that I wear that badge with some kind of crazy honor… /facepalm.
I know God has called me into the mission of motherhood, and the mission of being a partner to my husband, and to a path where I get to be apart of an amazing organization doing ministry, (+ who knows what else those, are the big three). But he has not called me to run my self perfect, crazy, or run down.
I know that I am God’s daughter. And as a parent, though I know we aren’t quite in this stage, it would crush me to know my son was always striving for perfection, at all cost, everyday with everything he has. So why am I – and why do sometimes I misconstrue calling for perfection, no rest, and yes to everything?
In this next season, I am choosing to lead myself with a spirit of self-giving grace, contentment, balanced determination, and not forgetting to lean into the truths Jesus has for me – instead of the worldly pressures of the #bosslady.

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