Mom heart melting – Party of One!

I’m sitting in this place called Tiny Town – it’s literally what it sounds like … a tiny town built for kids to play in a land of pretend. Among the room are a bunch of kiddos from tiny to toddlers, a bunch of moms… and one dad. My husband. If there was ever a moment that my heart is ready to burst – this is probably one of them.

Three years ago we didn’t know what life would look like – hubs and I have always worked opposite schedules and with the idea of childcare coming up and figuring all of that out we realized it was kind of to our advantage. For our family what this means is having two full time working parents for Finn. Three days at school and then two days for each of us that we are on “Finn duty.”

The love and attention I see my husband give to our son is just heart melting. Knowing that most Thursdays and Fridays he’s usually one of the only Dads in the room is so interesting to me and makes me so proud. Proud of the man he is – and proud of the little man he’s influencing. He juggles so much and as a wife and mom it brings me so much joy that he takes being a Dad with so much intentionality.

Today I’m praying for Dads. The world is a better place because you all are in it.


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