Summer dreams

As a parent, or caretaker of kiddos, do you ever feel pressure to get out there and make memories every day of summer like you see everyone else doing? Or maybe looks and feels like everyone else because pictures on Instagram are telling you that?

Well friends, they probably aren’t. Or they didn’t capture the meltdown before or after the fun photo. (Guilty as charged!)

This week my husband said to me, “I think we should think about all of the things we want to do this summer!” So naturally I thought the only was this probably could be solved was with a list!

On the list we have everything from ice cream to the Smithsonian!

What was important to us was to put things on the list that we’d do anyway, the low hanging fruit if you will. Something we can easily get our preschooler excited about and still seems big and special. Then we put about 5-7 things on it that we’re bigger, more expensive, or required more travel/planning for us to do every 2.5-3 weeks over the warm months. It’s helpful because we aren’t bound to a calendar for school yet in August, so we can play through September!

From here we’ll match this list to a calendar and our family budget and plan it out! Specially the 5-7 that don’t have a usual home in our budget through our entertainment or going out to eat budget line. Otherwise inevitably we will forget, run out of time, or forget to budget for it!

Be inspired to look at this summer through the lease of moments and memories verses cramming a calendar full of things that will exhaust you. And remember the most important thing, we’ll maybe two – sometimes less is more memorable, and HAVE FUN!!

Would love to see your summer lists for ideas share them with me on Instagram! @byjwishard


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