Another word on friends…

Seasons change, and people around you change, and even friends change.

And that’s okay.

I think that you have friends in seasons – some of those seasons are for the long haul, some of those seasons are circumstantial or situational.

Too many times have I not realized that and then tried to “over-kindle” the relationship and really it wasn’t meant to go longer than the season we were in together.

Other times admittedly I haven’t fought for a friendship that maybe was supposed to go longer.

And lastly there are times where I’ve let a “friend” hang around who actually just wasn’t good for me, or just simply wasn’t kind or respectful in our friendship. Those are weird because you’re potentially trying to love (see last post for definition) them, because you think you should, but really they needed to be loved from afar.

I do believe in making new friends too [even if my past post may have felt otherwise], I think coffee dates are important, and stepping out of your box to mix up your circle is really great, and I do that. Especially when I want to learn from another perspective or pick someone else’s brain on a topic they are passionate about, or may just do differently than me. Or even make a new friend! I just don’t feel as compelled to over max my time just for the sake of meeting and attempting friendship with every person around me.

I do think social media makes this difficult. Kind of like when someone says, “did you see what she posted on insta?” And I reply, “no.” I think we all easily assume that we just follow everyone because why wouldn’t we?

That is a space that personally I’m a little fickle about. There are seasons where I totally gut my follower count (if I don’t know you, I’ll likely take you out of my feed and go private for a while). Or if I started following people or brands I don’t really know, I may unfollow in a season where I’m attempting to curate what I’m allowing into my mental space.

I think ultimately there are so many seasons of life, or at least I pray that there are. The friends that I’ve let go to soon, I pray that he shows me a path back. I pray that whoever the Lord surrounds me with he also leads to me love them, care for them, or even befriend them and that I am content with that season forever long it is.

Prayers for you friends that you find contentment in your circles, meaningful relationships with those Gods put around you and contentment in those circumstances. Friendship can be hard, and for some making friends is even harder. Find your tribe and love on them.


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