Maybe life isn’t meant to be curated.


past tense: curated; 
  1. select, organize, and look after the items .
    select the performers or performances that will be featured.
    • select, organize, and present, typically using professional or expert knowledge.
Think about this for a second. How much are we willing to share with those around us – including those that are closest – spouse, family, your inner circle, complete strangers… Just the parts that are good? Or the struggles we already have resolved? The parts that feel so full of light and joy?
Dang – I can’t keep up with that. And at the same time I’m probably guilty of it. When’s the last time I’ve raised my hand and asked a question that I didn’t already feel like I had the answer to? Or the last time I’ve said hey – I need help and I don’t even really care if you have the answer, but could I just talk this out with you and maybe we could learn something new?
I was listening to this podcast today: and at the end they were talking about these clarifying questions you and your team should ask yourself everyday to clarify your message and mission – you know, to make sure you’re all on the same page… every. day.
Well it got me thinking about work instantly (I’m just wired that way, okay?)… but then I quickly course corrected and thought, wait… how can I think about this through the lens of my homelife, my wifelife or my momlife?
These were the questions:
  • Why do we exist?
  • How to be behave?
  • What business are we in?
  • What’s our strategy?
I mean think about that for a minute…
Why do we exist?– As in why has God created our little family, what is he calling us into?
How do we behave?– As Jesus has commanded, love God and love others. Way easier said then done, but it’s a good mark to be reaching for. How am I or my family doing that?
What business are we in?– Growing into who Jesus has created us to be for his glory and plan. Making sure that we show and live who Jesus is to those around us and live in the light.
What’s our strategy?– Self leadership into discipling ourselves, doing life with others, loving those around us, including those closest and those we just encounter for a moment.
Now these answers are so much easier to write on paper in theory, but living them is a whole other challenge. BUT if I just even started with challenging myself to think about the answers everyday, and be clear about what they are for me in my daily grind, I HAVE to believe that I would start to live the answers (though maybe little-by-little) that I’m prescribing.
I’m not even really sure how to end these thoughts…  The more I’m learning about myself, I don’t think God has called me into curated. I think he’s calling me into real relationships, that may be messy, or hard sometimes, but a place where I can learn, where I can ask tough and vulnerable questions, where it’s okay to not have it all figured out. And in that place maybe I’ll learn even more about who I am – but more importantly more about who Jesus is – I certainly know I’m learning that he’s closer to me in the mess, not in the curated.

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