What does it mean to be enough? How much time do you spend a day pondering this question?

Lately for me it’s actually been a lot. Everything I think, wonder, feel, causes me to circle back to… Am I enough? At home, at work, in marriage, in motherhood, in discipline, in my gifts, in my relationships?

I’ve been trying to take a sporadic idea of devotions to actually forming a daily habit. It’s hard, it’s not perfect, and it has taken a lot of discipline.

I’ve been parked in Ruth and Hosea.

I hear Jesus screaming through the pages…

You matter.
You are enough.
I know your gifts and talents because I created your gifts and talents.
I know your hopes and dreams because those are things I move the Spirit to stir in you.
I know you are a sinner, but I still want to know you.
I want to show you grace and mercy.
Do you trust me?
Are you running to me?
I’m pursuing you– even when you are running a million miles the other way in fear.
I see you.
You matter.

I am enough because Jesus is enough.

You are enough.
You matter.

Lord let this be my continuous prayer.


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